Pro Plus “Solo worker”

Use the full power of your mobile radio!

NEW V4 Version: Now with “Talk from the Shoulder”Enhanced Microphone audio quality and sensitivity and optional fast response Talk Permit/Channel Grant Trunk mode support.


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The AES 128bit secure X10DR Pro Plus is the latest incarnation of Wireless Pacific’s patented well-proven ‘out of vehicle’  communications solution. Providing all the original first-generation X10DR and 2nd generation Pro Series established ‘out of vehicle’ capabilities. Focused on supporting the lone worker it now features advanced emergency and optional Mandown biometric monitor for the remote monitoring of the workers well being. The Pro Plus model additionally features an IP67 waterproof housing and a ‘Search’ button for multiple gateway roaming for non-vehicle applications.

All voice communications plus system alert tones from the mobile radio and other connected X10DR users are audible at all times ensuring users are totally connected. Like the Elite Plus model, X10DR Pro Plus has Find Me™ allowing a lost handset or more importantly, will assist. a colleague to be audibly located should they fall unconscious in the course of their duties.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

Personalized Performance

While some X10DR users may prefer to wear headsets or discrete earpieces to maintain privacy, many users will choose to operate their handsets like a traditional portable radio.

The X10DR Pro Plus provides double the receive audio volume of previous models to ensure that no matter the background noise level, messages will always get through loud and clear.

Like the Elite Plus model, Pro Plus handsets can be paired up with an XWPB wireless finger PTT button for “handsfree like” operation when your hands are already full going about your immediate duties.

X10DR Pro Plus Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

Staying Secure In Remote Work Environments

The vehicle-mounted mobile radio is often the first responders’ chief communication link to central despatch and other radio units. However, when a worker needs to go back and wait at the vehicle, to provide or receive an update, operations slow or at worst, come to a standstill, losing critical response time and possibly placing lives at risk.

X10DR is a revolutionary technology, which allows all remote workers to stay in constant communication with each other back to base, via their vehicle-mounted mobile radio, for up to five hundred meters from the vehicle.

X10DR Elite Plus Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

Wireless PTT Button  


X10DR Pro Plus secure wireless microphones can now be mated with our XWPB wireless PTT button to allow “handsfree like” transmissions over your radio channel. This small finger device attaches by a small adjustable Velcro strap and is especially ideal for use with headsets and other audio accessories and for those situations when your hands are otherwise full.

It’s a  perfect addition for those using headsets or those who need to use both hands while transmitting over the host radio. The ring finger wireless PTT button emulates pressing the handset’s side PTT button. Short press to wake up the button from deep sleep or fast triple press to manually turn it off at the end of a shift to extend battery life. Depending on the duty cycle, it will typically provide ~ 2-3 months operation from its replaceable low-cost CR2032 battery.  Two beeps will sound from the handset every 5 mins when replacement is needed.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

Mandown Biometric Monitor  


The X10DR Pro Plus handset can be fitted with the XMD mandown monitor that constantly monitors the activity of the user whenever they leave their vehicle.

Should the user become immobilized for any reason for longer than two minutes, the integrated device will first alert the user with a 30-second countdown alert sequence before triggering the radios emergency alarm.

For convenience, the movement detector can be temporarily paused by the user when necessary.

Live Mic can also be activated as part of the standard Advanced Emergency protocol so others sharing the radio channel/ talkgroup can monitor the immobile user’s situation.


X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

Pro Plus Benefits

Complete Mission Critical Solution

Capabilities include:
X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview pro Plus

XIVG-PU2 Plus Internal Gateway

Optional alternative gateway:

The XIVG is our smallest  Pro Plus Gateway. Designed to be connected directly to the XCA radio interface adaptor it allows for easy compact integration into vehicles that are already fitted with a mobile radio.

It is ideal for installation in offices, control rooms, warehouses etc, or on a motorcycle in a weather-protected pannier bag or similar. where charging of the Pro Plus handset is better served via an ac/dc desktop charger in cases where an Pro Plus model with wireless charging is deployed.

The XIVG has all features of a standard Pro Plus gateway but does not provide a 3.5mm audio jack for in-car monitor use or a handset cup for charging or pairing. Touchless pairing is activated by triple-pressing the front function button.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview XIVG