Personalize the X10DR Experience


We understand having just the right tool for the task at hand is the most effective and employee-friendly way to take the responsibilities your staff are confronted with each and every day. To ensure your team members get the most from the X10DR out of vehicle communication devices, we have developed a full portfolio of personal audio and system enhancement accessories to get the maximum benefit of this revolutionary technology.

We have a full range of headsets, traditional lapel microphones, and also covert accessories for those on the front line of national security. We have battery backup systems for those that need to isolate their vehicle batteries after hours,as well as, battery chargers for use in vehicles, offices, or at home. If you can’t see what you need we would love to hear from you to make your X10DR experience the one that works best for you.


X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

Handset Clothing Attachments

XLMC Long mount clip (Default)

This general-purpose type features a strong large spring belt clip which allows the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone to be securely clipped to all types of industrial work vests, jackets, leather clothing, thick epaulets, and winter clothing, etc. Retrofit replacement Part No: XLMC-RK

XNMC Non-metal mount clip

Designed for electrical utilities working amongst high tension power lines. Except for minimal metal components, it features all-polymer parts to prevent high voltage spark leakage. Retrofit replacement Part No: XNMC-RK

XVMC Velcro® mount

We fully recommend this mounting approach for ensuring the handset is optimally placed for best performance at all times. This features a Velcro “hook” disc on the back of the microphone. A 5x5cm (2”) supplied Velcro “loop” patch should be ideally sown to the users work attire/vest in the shoulder area to allow the antenna to protrude above. It is Ideal for utilities. Retrofit replacement Part No: XVMC-RK

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

Wireless PTT Button

X10DR Pro Plus and Elite Plus secure wireless microphones can now be mated with our XWPB wireless PTT button to allow “handsfree like”  transmissions over your radio channel. This small finger device attaches by a small adjustable Velcro strap and is especially ideal for use with headsets and other audio accessories and for those situations when your hands are otherwise full.

It’s a  perfect addition for those using headsets or those who need  to use both hands while transmitting over the host radio. The ring finger wireless PTT button emulates pressing the handset’s side PTT button. Short press to wake up the button from deep sleep or fast triple press to manually turn it off at the end of a shift to extend battery life. Depending on duty cycle, it will typically provide ~ 2-3 months operation from its replaceable low cost CR2032 battery.  Two beeps will sound from handset every 5 mins, when replacement is needed.

The Wireless PTT button is also available for use with previous Elite/Pro models that have been upgraded to the latest firmware release. (refer Support page)

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

iTRQ™ – The Industry Standard

Premium Ear Microphone that saves you money and maintains hygiene

Wireless Pacific’s professional iTRQ advanced ear microphones are designed to allow you to leave the whisper clear microphone harness permanently attached to the radio and simply swap earpieces when users change shifts. The patented twist and lock 2.5mm earpiece connection eliminates wear on the radio’s accessory connector, hence improving long term reliability and reducing long term radio maintenance costs.

The patented design allows you to save money while satisfying the duty of care OH&S compliance. When personal issue costs exceed your operational budget you can choose to just buy one iTRQ accessory per radio and then choose from a variety of inexpensive, comfortable earpieces to suit the personal preference of every staff member.

Personal issue of earpieces is not only essential for hygiene, and occupational health and safety compliance but helps increase user accountability and keeps team morale high. When you need to talk, you can count on iTRQ.



X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

Earpieces for everyone’s taste

Now Wireless Pacific brings you even more choice. Our expanded range of plug-in earpieces deliver exceptional performance and are available in 2.5mm twist & lock for use with iTRQ advanced ear microphones, 3.5mm standard fit for X10DR 4LTE use, or X10 Hirose 6 pin versions for use with X10DR*.

Economically priced, they keep personal issue costs down while keeping workplace hygiene and employee morale high (whilst ensuring your OH&S duty of care imperatives).

Every earpiece can be comfortably worn all day long and feels like it melts away within moments of fitting.

Accessories that deliver feel good, crystal clear audio are priced so you can choose what best suits your operational needs without compromising your budget.

*requires handset to be programmed for Internal Mic only operation


X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

XTBM Talkback Microphone

The X10DR Talkback microphone has been designed specifically to allow a user remaining in the vehicle to maintain full communications with X10DR handset users out of the vehicle while maintaining the ability to instantly communicate with others over the host radio network.

To address changing priorities, the top grey Control button acts as a assignment toggle switch for the side PTT button. Press it once and the side PTT button becomes the Radio Transmit button and the status LED changes to blue to let the user know they are communicating out over the sky to the radio network. Press it again and the side PTT button once more becomes the Talkaround PTT button with the LED changing back to green to let the user know they are now talking locally on the ground (default position).

Alternatively, the side PTT button can be permanently assigned to local talkaround PTT with Radio PTT function assigned to the top grey button  or vice versa to mimic a wireless X10DR default configuration. In either position, all X10DR wireless and wired handsets hear both sides of every conversation. The true all informed, group communication network where everyone remains connected.


X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

Lightweight Noise Cancelling

WPHFH-X10 Noise-Canceling Lightweight Headset

Our premium industrial design WPHFH noise-canceling lightweight headset provides excellent transmission quality with minimal background noise so your message comes through loud and clear every time. Designed for all-day wear, they provide clear communications in all work environments. They are ideal for handsfree operation when connected to Elite Plus handsets.

WPATH-X10 Acoustic Tube Noise-Canceling Headset

Our WPATH-X10 is an Acoustic tube version of the WPHFH noise-canceling lightweight headset. It provides identical excellent transmission quality with minimal background noise so your message comes through loud and clear every time. Importantly the acoustic tube design means it is ideal where very loud ambient noise is present so the user can always clearly understand every reception. Replacement tubes and tips are available in bulk for ensuring premium hygiene and OSHA best practice.

WPULH-X10 Ultra-Lightweight Headsets

The ultra-lightweight WPULH-X10 headset is a minimalist design general-purpose ear receiver based headset offering all-day wear comfort at very cost-effective pricing. Like all X10DR audio accessories, they can be connected directly or via a XIPB inline PTT adaptor.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

Smart Heavy Duty Noise Cancelling

Our noise cancelling Smart Heavy Duty headsets provide excellent transmission quality in extreme or high noise environments so your messages come through loud and clear every time.

Designed for use with or without a safety helmet, the dual muff design also provides clear reception in almost all work environments by blocking out high levels of background noise from the users ears.

The on-cup secondary PTT help ensure ease of communications in even the most demanding applications. The design allow the X10DR handset to be clipped to the rear of the headset. Or if worn with a helmet the X10DR can  be purchased with a velcro mount (XVMC) and attached to the helmet itself.

The SHD series features a folding arm mic and come in “safety yellow”  to alert others that the user has reduced ambient listening and may not hear an approaching vehicle. They also include an on-cup volume control and a 3.5mm secondary audio input jack.


X10DR Elite Plus Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

Motorcycle headsets

Designed for the demands of Law Enforcement, our Motorcycle headsets are crafted to allow easy fitment to most open and closed face helmets.

Delivering clean clear communications in any noisy environment whether that be in pursuit on a crowded highway or simply on escort in a noisy crowded city street, your microphone communications come through loud and clear along with sharp and clean headset reception.

Both headset speakers and the microphone attach by Velcro® in the Closed version while the Open helmet version requires the support of your helmet support team to attach the adjustable mount arm to the user’s optimum desired position.

Both model cables are terminated with a Hirose® HR10 connector ready for direct connection to X10DR, an in-line PTT accessory.

Motorcycle headset open and closed face X10DR

In-Line PTT adaptors

XIPB – Medium In-Line PTT Button

The easy to use, clip on, XIPB in-line PTT adaptor, sits into between any Wireless Pacific “X10″ suffixed audio accessory and the Hirose audio port on the base of the X10DR handset. The PTT device features hard wearing, precision “quick disconnect” Hirose HR10 plugs. Now you can choose to “personal issue” just the headset to each operator, to maintain premium user hygiene while the XIPB in-line PTT, can be left connected to the X10DR.

WPWLP-X10 Large in-line PTT Button

The WPWLP-X10 adaptor is a large low profile in-line PTT pad to allow easy PTT  operation using an elbow or similar body pressure. It is designed to be used with X10DR® handsets. It features a Nexus U-174/U 4 pole headset input jack for use with all  similarly equipped 3M Peltor® headset and hearing protection devices  or use with Wireless Pacific WPSHD heavy duty headset  connected via a WPSHC-NEX down cable.

The WPWLP-X10D model identical but is designed specifically for use with Draeger® or other manufacturer’s  audio equipped breathing apparatus

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

System Interface Junction Boxes

XDCI DC Isolalation Junction Box

Designed to significantly reduce the levels of TDMA ground noises and provides isolated DC output to connect to up to three X10DR Gateways. Modern radios incorporating TDMA digital modulation are especially susceptible to creating  “ground noise” especially in higher power circuits. We recommend use of our XDCI Junction box rather than the standard XJB and XDIA interface devices when interfacing multiple X10DRs to ALL TDMA radios.

XDIA Dual Interface Adaptor

This device provides a three-way shielded RJ45 junction. They can be “daisy chained” to allow multiple parallel  gateways/mobile charge connection.  Use three to allow up to 4 connections. It is supplied as standard with each XEX2 Elite 2nd Mic Kit to allow connection of the XMVC mobile. It can be used to allow third party devices to be (carefully considered) connected to the X10DR communication bus as well as providing a break out port to connect a XCA-RJ buffered PTT & Emergency output adaptor.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

Advanced System Capabilities

XSJB (V2) Smart Junction Box

This smart interface unit allows up to three X10DR gateways to be connected to one or two radio communication devices.  It attaches an adjustable level audio beep to the tail of each reception on radio port 2. Its supports handsfree operation between multiple gateways.

XFSB FireFront Smart Box

The FireFront™ smart interface unit allows up to three X10DR gateways to be connected to one or two radio communication devices. Like the XSJB (V2) it reads parameters on the X10DR communication bus that allow the Handsfree application to sense whether any handset has handsfree activated. It then is able to distribute site handsfree audio across all users of the gateways. Additionally it allows connection of a XCCP Command Control Panel for  in cabin control of audio routing to fire crew.

When used with Dual-radio installations, it attaches an adjustable level audio beep to the tail of each reception on radio 2.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

After Hours Power Backup

XPB-C14 After Hours Backup Power Box

Operational regulations in some agencies require that vehicles have their batteries isolated and disconnected from  auxiliary electronic devices at night or whenever the vehicle is being garaged. In such installations, DC power will not be subsequently available for re-charging X10DR Secure Mics that only are returned to the charging cradle at the end of the work day.

For such installations, Wireless Pacific created the XPB-C14 Power backup box. A power bank that is fitted in line between the gateway cradle and the XCA radio adaptor connected to the host mobile radio. (also requires a XIC-0.5 short cable) The power bank has two ports allowing two gateways to be connected, or a gateway and a mobile charger, as required.

The one power bank can typically recharge two 80% deplete handsets. Should this be felt to be insufficient then one XPB-C14 can be connected to every X10dr gateway or Mobile charger in the vehicle to assure each device is 100% charged ready for their next deployment.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

Chargers and  Power Backup

XMVC Mobile Charger

The XMVC mobile charger looks almost identical to the standard X10DR gateway. It recharges a flat handset in 3-4 hours and can be powered from any 7-16V DC power source. It draws typically 200mA when charging a handset  from a nominal 12v supply. The charger’s front panel LED glows Blue when powered. They also have the capability to alert an attached systems interface junction box when the handset is seated or not.

XDTC  Smart Desktop Charger

Compact and low profile, the single desktop charger features Individual LEDs to provide traditional Red/Green indication of the handsets’ current charge condition. The charger features a USB-C input plug and can charge from 5VDC input. It is supplied with a country-specific 5VDC@1AH AC USB power supply and USB-A to USB-C cable. 

X6WC Smart 6 Way Desktop Charger

The new slim series 6-way multi-charger. Individual LEDs now provide traditional Red/Green indication of the handsets’ current charge condition. The charger features a 5.5/2.5DC input plug and can charge with a DC input from 8-15VDC. The charger is supplied with a 12VDC@5AH AC power supply with a local country AC power cable. It can be powered from a vehicle battery when used in a mobile command vehicle etc.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview
X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

XDCC 12V DC Auxiliary Cable

While generally not necessary the XDCC cable provides a simple way of providing additional vehicle battery current when more than three X10DRs/ mobile chargers are connected to the one host mobile radio. It has a 3A fuse for protection in the event of a cable short or failure.

The cable is also ideal for remotely inserting 12V DC power where 100meter plus cables runs are involved such as in warehouse inbuilding deployments. A XDIA dual interface adaptor can be used in such situations.

In installations where no host mobile radio is connected, the XDCC cable can be wired directly to a suitable AC/DC power supply (e.g. WP12100 12v@1A) which can used to power all connected devices.

The  XDCC-RJ 12V DC Auxiliary Cable is identical to the above, but is terminated with RJ45 plug for any X10DR accessory with RJ45 connector.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

Installation Mounts

XMDM2  Used in place of standard rear mounting plate on gateway unit to allow better positioning for user convenience or where limited mounting space is available. The XMDM2  “AMPS spec mounting plate allows an easy fit to gateways, conventional mobile or wireless chargers.

X3MK 3 way cradle mount

Designed for installation ease of multiple mobile/gateway charging cradles. The X3MK package includes a XDCC-RJ 12 DC power cable and three XIC-0.15 short, 15cm, interface cables. Installation is simple as 1 2 3 4!

1: Remove the back mounting plates from the  gateways cradles/mobile chargers and keep the these screws for later.

2: Remove the X3MK front cover screws to expose the rear metal sub-assembly and screw the metal sub-assembly to the desired vehicle mounting space.

3: Re-attach the plastic front panel by passing a saved screw through a cradle placed onto a  locating mount and tighten the screw to secure the assembly before attaching the remaining two.

4: Plug in the three interface cables and the supplied XDCC-RJ DC power cable (either end) and connect the cable to the vehicle’s permanent 12 volt battery wiring. Cradle LEDs should now light.

X3MK-B 3 way cradle mount with DC back up

If your vehicle’s battery is isolated “after hours” then consider the B version with internal battery backup.  The X3MK-B incorporates built-in backup batteries to recharge the 3 handsets regardless of the vehicle’s 12V battery availability. The internal batteries are re-charged whenever the vehicle is powered back up.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

Interface cables

The X10DR gateway device usually connect to the mobile radio’s rear accessory port by way of a supplied 1.5m length XIC interface cable and a separately ordered radio model specific XCA series adaptor. XCA adaptors are available for most popular mobile radios.

For remote mounted mobiles, XEC-4.5 extension cables are 4.5 meters (15’) in length are available to facilitate mounting the mobile radio in the vehicles trunk.

Additionally, a number of RJ45 M-M cable lengths from 6 – 25meters are available for warehouse and similar non-mobile deployments.

A variety of short (15-50cm) interface cable designed for interconnection between interface boxes and other X10DR devices or when connecting XPB Power banks or other accessories are also available.

Care must be taken for longer installation runs and the number of X10DRs connected to the cable run must be considered with regard to possible DC voltage drops. Contact us if you are not sure.

For those installations requiring custom cables, then these are available on special order – MOQ 200 pieces. Click Contact above to request desired information

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview


The X10DR is normally supplied with an XMPA multi-polarity antenna, so that the best possible coverage in all overall operating environments can be experienced to each user. Multi-polarity antennas generally provide superior coverage in non ’line of sight’ coverage situations, especially when talking into concrete walled buildings or around building corners or other physical obstacles to line of sight communications.

XMPA  multi-polarity antenna including 5.2 meters of low loss LMR200 type coax and terminated RP SMA male connector. (included in package) They are designed to mount on the vehicle roof or on a roof rack – clear of obstructions in the direction you wish to predominately communicate.

In some installations only limited coverage may be required around a vehicle, for example: a pump attendant on fire appliance or when an X10DR is used for mobility for fixed radio console operators in a control room. In those situations it may be more practical to alternatively, simply screw on a XSMA2 antenna directly to the base of the X10DR gateway unit.

The XSMA2 antenna is ground independent center-fed dipole antenna has been specially designed to perfectly meet the radiation requirements of the X10DR Secure Microphone.  Do not use alternatives as they will void regulatory type approval and generally always reduce overall performance. While extremely low power, keep the antenna at least 25mm away from your head at all times.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

External Battery Charging

XEBC External Battery Cable

When deployments can extend for many days, an external battery can be connected.

The XEBC battery adaptor cable allows a USB cellphone style external battery power bank to connect X10DR’s Hirose port. The XEBC cable is 90cm (~3ft) so the power bank can be  placed in any convenient pocket.  With literally thousands of shapes, sizes and capacities available for the cellphone market, it  should be very easy to find one that best suits your specific needs.

The handset LED will ‘blink’ every 10 seconds to indicate it is being re-charged. Once fully charged the LED glows solid.

You can continue to use the handset as normal. Replace or remove exhausted power banks when re-charged, as desired.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

Service Aids

The XATB2 Advanced Test Box allows you to verify the units operational status quickly and effortlessly. It is ideal for self maintained users. It’s array of switches and lights makes correctoperation verification or fault finding a breeze. Includes speaker and AC power pack.

The XFPK Programming Kit provides cables that plug between your PC’s USB port and the handset’s Hirose connector port and the gateway’s micro USB connector to enable use of the following software tools:

– The X10DR User Programming Software tool allows you to adjust a number of parameters* on both the X10DR handset and gateway to enable a huge array of user specific customization, added features and systems functionality using the XFPK interface cables: You can download the latest programming software here: Plus Programmer

You can download the latest programming parameter guide here: Plus Programming Guide

The XGALA Gateway Audio Level Adjustment software tool provides a simple to use real time software alignment tool for setting input and output levels from the gateway to the connected host mobile. This is the tool you should use for setting up your transmit audio level and your maximum speaker audio level. You can download the XGALA software here: XGALA Tool

The X10DR Firmware Upgrader tool is available for field reflashing of future firmware releases as they become available.

All the above are Windows-based. (Windows 10 recommended)

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview