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 X10DR Elite Plus

 Specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of mission-critical users. Highly ruggedized, Elite Plus features dynamic 128 Bit AES encryption to provide the highest levels of voice security. Dynamic AES means the encryption keys constantly change during the operational day, automatically. When coupled with their relatively short 500m range, random location, and the unique coding of every device, dynamic AES encryption provides exceptionally high tactical protection against the most sophisticated adversaries.  

Elite Plus models allow up to three handsets to communicate simultaneously via a single gateway on their own exclusive, FHSS created, on-site channel. This multi-handset capability means that the cost of multiple gateways as well as antennas, junction boxes, and interface cables is not incurred. 

X10DR Elite Plus now comes with user-selectable, full-duplex handsfree talkaround. Local handsfree will revolutionize on-site communications for every mobile radio-equipped vehicle which carries two or more workers. 

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551

X10DR Pro Plus

Provides all original X10DR’s well-proven and established ‘out of vehicle’ capabilities but now with a specific focus on the mobile worker out alone in a vehicle. To furnish these often remote area users, with enhanced safety and greater network access flexibility, the X10DR Pro Plus models can be connected to a smart interface to allow dual radio/LTE/satellite access allowing remote access to multiple networks when location demands. Pro Plus can also be factory option with our Mandown monitor capability that allows automatic emergency alarms with “Live Mic” capabilities to be triggered when a worker is unresponsive. For local crowd control situations, Pro Plus gateways have an audio output that can be used as an input to a public address system, if desired. 

While the use of Elite Plus is generally suggested, multiple Pro Plus devices can also be connected to a common mobile radio. This allows users to choose to either talk over the radio channel or alternatively, just talk locally “off-net” to the other X10DR users sharing the same mobile radio. All voice communications plus system alert tones from the mobile radio and other connected X10DR users are audible at all times ensuring users are totally connected.  Finally, knowing there are times when professional users and first responders may need to wade into deep waters to save and protect lives or property, the Pro Plus handsets are now designed for full submersion IP67 waterproof compliance.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview

X10DR Lite

Lite is the entry-level member of the X10DR family allowing a mobile radio user to simply talk and communicate when away from their vehicle. X10DR Lite a very simple, safe, and low-cost way to increase your workforce effectiveness while creating a proactive, safety-focused, duty of care OS&H friendly, work environment for your all-important field personnel.

For over 8 years X10DR has enhanced the working lives of Police officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Utility workers, and other professionals globally by allowing users to communicate simply and effectively from their vehicles. Having passed the “real world validation”, we are now pleased to bring that same, powerfully simple™ out of vehicle communications core capability but without any of the systems feature complexities and associated cost that is demanded by first responders. 

Press the X10DR Lite PTT button and your voice is transmitted over your vehicle’s selected radio channel/talkgroup. Let go to listen to all conversations on your radio channel… up to 300 meters  (1000’)* from your vehicle …simple as that. Nothing more..nothing less.

X10DR Lite – the liberating, proven long-distance wireless microphone for every other mobile user.

X10DR Elite Plus Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551
X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS DVR-LX SVR VR1000 RLN6551