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Three handset One Gateway

The Elite Plus models can support up to three handsets simultaneously accessing the mobile radio via one gateway. This unique capability allows for more seamless connectivity and means that only one external antenna is necessary to communicate with all handsets when away from the vehicle.

Each handset can transmit and receive over the host mobile while also monitoring each others communications traffic. All users are free to communicate locally ”off-net” in talkaround mode when that makes operational sense.

With Handsfree active, then handsets can communicate locally between each other in full-duplex mode – totally handsfree whenever the operators choose.

This breakthrough capability effectively creates a totally license-free, exclusive, AES secure, local talkaround virtual channel, where users can privately communicate amongst themselves.

Thes on-site, off-network local on-ground communications can occur while always being able to listen to all traffic on their vehicle’s mobile radio. Any user is free to respond with the press of their handset’s PTT button. 

Additionally, users of the same gateway can talk back to another user even when that user is currently transmitting already, which may be significant when 3 users are active during times of operational crisis.

Should a handset move out of the vehicle’s coverage area, the handsets Status LED will flash and the user will receive an Out Of Range alert tone sequence should they press their Radio PTT, Talkaround or Emergency button. Upon re-entering the gateway’s coverage zone, it will automatically reconnect with the group and the LED will light solid.

X10Dr Elite Plus
X10Dr coverage

Six handsets Two Gateways

X10DR secure wireless gateways can be further teamed up to provide six users operating from a single mobile radio. Pressing the handset’s Talkaround button allows off-network local voice communications for up to 1000 meters (~3300 feet) between users while always ensuring reception of all mobile radio traffic by every user.

Additionally, any or all of the handset’s users are free to enable handsfree mode to communicate amongst themselves in full-duplex mode whenever the requirement is needed.

While preferable that a headset is used in duplex mode, users can simply wear an earpiece or just use the loudspeaker, as long as they do not get too close audibly to another handset thanks to the dramatic noise and echo cancellation capabilities of X10DXR handsets.

A XHJB junction box interface passes controlled transmit and receive audio between each X10DR gateway ensuring each user hears both active parts of the communications being sent over the host two-way radio channel or between each other. 

When multiple gateways are connected, handsfree by too many simultaneous users may create confusion, in such cases, we suggest the default operation be Press To Talk using Talkaround button, with only those users actually requiring hands-free being enabled.  

We suggest field trials to establish the optimum audio settings and choice of audio accessories for both clarity and operational effectiveness for your specific requirements.

An advanced version for 6 user handsets using 3 gateways is described. in our Elite Plus Firefront™ solution.

x10dr 6 handsets
X10DR 6waY
Relay Mode Description: download

Command Relay Mode Operation

Command Relay and two Remote handsets

Six handset operation.

By default, all Elite Plus handsets can activate Command Relay mode. To make use of Command Relay mode, one team member walks towards where extended coverage is required (e.g. inside a building’s lobby).

After confirming a reliable vehicle gateway connection exists, Command Relay mode is activated and their handset status LED changes to yellow with blue periodic flash, indicating that Command Relay mode is now active and they are connected to the mobile vehicle’s gateway. The user should remain stationary to maintain a reliable relay path.

Naturally, an organization might choose to equip the vehicle with a dedicated spare handset for Command  Relay mode use and simply leaves the “Command Relay” handset in that location. (preferably in a high, unobstructed position)

As their partner/s enter deeper into the building and lose connection to the gateway, their handsets will automatically connect to the “Command Relay” handset.

Alternatively, they can immediately connect to the Command Relay handset by a short press of their handset’s Search (Red Off/On) button. – their handset then becomes a “Remote” and their handset LED will then change to solid yellow to indicate its new connection status.

All conversations are now relayed to the gateway via the Command Relay handset.  All users can hear each other’s transmissions over the host mobile radio. However, talkaround and handsfree conversations can only occur between a Relay handset and its attached Remote handsets or between the Relay handset and any handset connected directly to the vehicle’s gateway/s.

When back in-range, a remote user can re-press their red search button to reconnect back to their vehicle’s gateway or will automatically when Relay mode is deactivated.

All handset status LEDs will now change back to their default color. 

X10DR Coverage
Relay Mode Description: download

Auto Relay Mode Operation

handset connected to one handset

In an Elite Plus system that is configured for Automatic Relay mode, any handset can automatically be ‘re-assigned’ as a Relay Master. Should any user move out of the gateway coverage area, it will automatically next search for the other handset/s and if successful will connect and cause that handset to become Relay master.

If a second handset moves out of gateway range it will also search and connect to the Relay Master when in-range or the user could manually choose to connect immediately by short pressing their  Search (Red Off/On) button.

Users can short press the Search button again to attempt to re-connect to its gateway.

Handsets not connected to a Relay Master will also try to re-connect to their associated vehicle’s gateway.

X10DR Coverage

Relay Mode Handset Operation

Lost gateway connection

Following from above: If the Relay Master moves out of the gateway coverage area, then it will indicate its lost gateway connection by its LED changing to flashing Yellow. However, all connected handsets can still communicate with each other in Talkaround or Handsfree mode. Should any handset press their Radio PTT or press their Emergency button, then an Out Of Range tone will sound.

While out of gateway coverage, the Relay master will continually search to re-connect to its paired gateway. Remote handset users can, at any time, short press their Search (Red Off/On) button to attempt to immediately connect to its paired gateway. Remote users can short press Search (Red Off/On button) to attempt to re-connect to its gateway.

While in this location should a Remote handset then lose connection with the Relay Master, it will then search for its gateway or any other handset configured in its pairing to re-establish a communication path.

X10DR Coverage

On-site Handset Only Operation

Standalone AES Secure Comms

The X10DR handsets low profile compact size, ultra-lightweight design,  license-free virtual exclusive channel architecture, along with their headset/audio accessory connectivity makes the Elite Plus handset makes its selective use in short-range voice applications a given. Especially when coupled with their low purchase cost i.e. Three AES 128 handsets for under a US$1000!

To ensure the highest levels of voice security are maintained, the Elite Plus model provides ‘dynamic’ AES128 encryption. This means the X10DR Elite Plus devices continuously automatically change their encryption key throughout the day, making its operation far more tactically secure* than the highest top-end AES256 portable radios available in the world today. 

Depending on the local environmental terrain, distances of up to 250 meters between adjacent handsets can be achieved. Subject to the relay mode chosen: Command Post or Automatic, transmissions between handsets are either relayed through a fixed “relay handset” or in automatic mode, where any handset will be dynamically assigned as a Relay Master device.

The maximum range between three handsets is up to 500 meters, in un-obstructed environments when the Relay Master is central.

*Based on the logistical reality that at best, a P25 two-radio encryption key might be changed monthly or yearly or longer in a typical deployment of a traditional two-way radio encrypted AES256 communications network. Additionally,  radio-based encrypted voice communications may be transmitted for miles, if not, hundreds of miles over a network making monitoring by a sophisticated adversary a lot more plausible than X10DR’s minimal available RF monitoring footprint.


X10DR coverage
X10DR Coverage

Three handset three gateway 

Elite Plus gateway roaming

X10DR Elite Plus is ideal for helping stay connected in large open areas such as sports arenas or perhaps for use in multiple warehouses that cannot be covered by a single gateway. 

Equipping up to three staff with Elite Plus handsets allows them to communicate amongst themselves using the Talkaround button, while monitoring the host radio control station and talking back with the simple press of the radio PTT. The handsets monitor their current connected gateway signal strength and will connect to another gateway where available when their current connection becomes poor. Note: the gateway switching time does not allow a seamless handoff.

Elite Plus gateways can be connected up to 100 meters from a centralized junction box connected to the host mobile radio. If handsfree is desired then an XHJB Handsfree junction box must be used. Handsets need to be paired with all gateway units BEFORE installation. The handset can be recharged in either a single desktop charger or a 6-way desktop charger.

X10DR elite Plus

One handset three gateway  

Pro Plus gateway roaming

X10DR Pro Plus is ideal for helping stay connected in large open areas such as sports arenas or perhaps for use in multiple warehouses that cannot be covered by a single gateway.  Equipped with an X10DR Pro Plus handset your staff is now free to move around while always monitoring the control station and talking back with the simple press of the PTT.

The Pro Plus handset continually monitors its current connected gateway signal strength and will connect to another gateway where available when their current connection becomes poor. Note: the gateway switching time does not allow a seamless handoff.

Pro Plus  XIVG internal gateways can be connected up to 100 meters from a centralized junction box connected to the host mobile radio. The handset should be paired with all the gateway units BEFORE the gateways are installed. The handset can be recharged in a single desktop charger.


Mandown Biometric Monitor Mode 

When fitted and activated, the Mandown function turns on automatically whenever you remove the handset from its charger.  If there is no user movement or transmit activity for 2 minutes, quickening alert tones will sound for 30 seconds. If there is still no user activity, the radio’s emergency input will be triggered.

To temporarily disable Mandown operation, either power up the handset or remove it from its charger while pressing the top grey Control button until a 4 beep “pause” confirmation sounds.  A gentle reminder tick will sound every 2 minutes until re-enabled. To re-enable Mandown, either power off/on the handset or place the handset into a charger and then remove.

Mandown mode is automatically disabled when the handset is placed into any charger/gateway.


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