Wireless Pacific X10DR

Invented by Wireless Pacific, X10DR Out Of Vehicle Communications Solution are a cutting-edge and cost effective alternative to traditional cumbersome DVRS, DVR-LX P25, SVR, XRX1000 VRS7000 etc. . They are meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding world-class mission-critical. X10DR Out Of Vehicle Communications have been designed withe the  professional users of two-way mobile radio in front of mind.

Since their initial introduction in 2012, Wireless Pacific X10DR  a Long-range wireless remote speaker microphone if you like, are now in mainstream use. They are used by Fire, Ambulance, Police, Electrical Utilities, Roads, Forestry, and a wide variety of other public works and large corporate mobile radio users throughout the world.

Most importantly, X10DR ensures and maintains the integrity of your investment in a shared cognizance, situationally aware, group-based mobile two-way radio solution. Providing that final link in seamlessly connecting your team when away from their vehicles.

Our Wireless Pacific X10DR Elite Plus latest-generation models unleash the power of your mobile radio, like never before! Talk 500 meters from your vehicle – generally, a lot further than most will choose to walk. Now you can enable Relay Mode and you can walk another 250 meters via your partner’s or a dedicated relay handset. Perfect for when you need to travel deeper into buildings or other out of sight locations.

Work team focused, X10DR Elite Plus models allow up to two handsets to operate from a single, vehicle gateway. The Elite Plus creates an exclusive, totally AES 128 secure and private local talkaround channel. Allowing your team to communicate privately, license-free, on-site while still maintaining instant access to the host mobile radio network. All X10DR Elite Plus models are now fully equipped with user-selectable full-duplex mode for local hands-free operation on site.

Wireless Pacific X10DR – Out Of Vehicle Communications Solution

All X10DR Plus models incorporate our dramatic noise reduction technology. Now when standing right alongside a Fire Appliance Pump, your voice comes through loud and clear. Click to hear the difference.

The new X10DR Pro Plus models are truly optimized to provide the ultimate in lone worker out of vehicle communications solution. They provide a fully integrated optional Mandown Biometric Monitor facility to ensure employee safety is always first and foremost.

Join the many that recognize X10DR is not only real-world proven but also the most cost-effective out of vehicle communications systems available. A true alternative to traditional digital vehicular repeater systems (DVRS) and the best value investment you can make in greater network coverage. Contact your local X10DR Distributor/Reseller now or check out the X10DR Global Store for more information.

X10DR: Powerfully Simple™

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