Our latest generation X10DR long range wireless remote speaker microphone is a complete mission critical solution. A smart digital vehicular repeater alternative that unleashes the power of your mobile radio, like never before! Talk 500 meters from your vehicle – a lot further than most will choose to walk.

Elite models now allow up to three handsets to operate from a single vehicle gateway. Thereby creating an exclusive, totally secure and private local talkaround channel. Allowing you team to communicate license free on-site while still maintaining instant access to the host mobile radio network.

Best of all X10DR Elite can now be equipped to provide user selectable full duplex handsfree operation on site.

The simple, intuitive, cost effective out of vehicle communications smart alternative to traditional digital vehicular repeater systems (DVRS).

X10DR : Powerfully Simple™

X10DR Elite / Pro


Complete Mission Critical Solution
Smart digital vehicular repeater alternative
Elite capabilities include:
Handsfree Local Talkaround (option)
3 Handsets – Single Vehicle Antenna
Up To 500* Meters From Vehicle
Find Me™ Audible User Locator
Local “Off-Network” Talkaround
In-Car Monitor / Public Address
Dual Radio Access Capability
Auto Loneworker Capability
IP67 Waterproof Handset
128-Bit AES Encryption
Plus much more

*700 meters with XRTG

X10DR Elite Vehicular Repeater


Complete Mission Critical Solution
Smart digital vehicular repeater alternative


Two Police officers responding to a crime scene will in real time be able to instantly share every changing nuance of their surroundings to their partner, totally handsfree, whether scaling a fence, apprehending a suspect or engaging in return fire. 
Now that’s backup.
X10DR Elite Vehicular Repeater


Complete Mission Critical Solution
Smart digital vehicular repeater alternative


Three paramedics fighting to save lives at a horror auto accident can now use both hands to apply pressure or do whatever tasks needs to be done, while communicating constantly with their partners. 
No compromise!

X10DR Elite Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS


Complete Mission Critical Solution
Smart digital vehicular repeater alternative


– A fire department crew of five arriving on-scene can immediately start securing the area, rolling out and connecting hoses, starting pumps, manning the hoses and fighting the fire, while constantly communicating to their fellow crew, all totally handsfree – even in the noisiest of environments including manning the pump!
 See Firefront Application Note
X10DR Fire Vehicular Repeater


Complete Mission Critical Solution
Smart digital vehicular repeater alternative


Electrical Utility workers up in a “bucket” will be free to use both hands, significantly enhancing safety while communicating critical information with their groundman or an adjacent crew, whether engaged in regular maintenance or responding in the the stormiest of tempest.
 Safety always!
X10DR Electrical Utility Vehicular Repeater

License Free

Complete Mission Critical Solution
Smart digital vehicular repeater alternative


– A license free, totally private and AES secure comms channel. Providing local off network communications for your own exclusive use! 
instant full duplex totally secure on-site converations – completely handsfree … while constantly monitoring all traffic on their vehicle’s mobile radio and responding with the usual press of the microphone’s PTT button.
X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater


Complete Mission Critical Solution
Smart digital vehicular repeater alternative
 Elite capabilities include:
X10DR was designed with Motorcycle operation clearly in mind from its first conceptualization. Untethered on the bike, use the handlebar PTT to talk. Off the bike, talk for up to 700* meters (2300’) by simply using the handset PTT. Remove your helmet and use the X10DR handset as a regular Wireless Speaker Microphone.
The Elite series can provide a 8 WRMS Public Address system by connection of a suitably mounted horn speaker, making it ideal for directing traffic at roadside incident or for onlooker crowd control.
Our new Handsfree Duplex local chat capability means that three riders can now temporarily connect to the one gateway and communicate constantly while in a escort formation or similar activity.
*Up to 500 meters with standard X10DR gateway cradle
DVRS digital vehicular repeater

700 meters (2300ft)

XRTG Rooftop Gateway

For applications requiring maximum coverage and/or better into-building penetration the XRTG delivers. It provides over 700 meters line of sight coverage by use of a XMAK multi-polarity antenna which is directly mounted on the weatherproof housing to ensure no signal is lost (a typical coax cable connection loses over 3dB). XRTG is IP65 rated weatherproof device is intended to be mounted externally on the roof area of a vehicle and includes stainless steel bracketing to suit most roof racks or motor bikes.

The compact rugged design also make it ideal for mounting on a warehouse or factory roof when X10DR’s are used to provide an AES secure license free on-site communication system. 

X10DR Roof top Gateway
X10DR Pro Vehicular Repeater


Essential Mobile Radio Solution
Smart digital vehicular repeater alternative

Pro capabilities include:

Talk Up To 500 Meters From Your Vehicle
Multiple Units One Mobile Capability
Find Me™ Audible User Locator
IP55 Weatherproof Handset
Emergency Duress Alarm
Encrypted Voice
Headset Port

X10DR Elite Vehicular Repeater

Powerfully Simple™

Since the creation of mobile radio, system designers have grappled with how to best communicate when away from the vehicle. Historically, their response typically meant significant additions to base station infrastructure. Deployment of radio sites and complex remote receiver voting systems to back fill marginal coverage areas. Moreover, some manufacturers developed cumbersome mobile vehicular repeater systems. Systems where simplex portable transmissions are repeated through a vehicular repeater back into the base station network. They also required careful engineering and additional frequencies. Critical complex contention management protocols where needed to eliminate clashing from multiple vehicle repeaters at the same scene. We thought, there had to be a better solution.

X10DR Unleashed…

In April 2012, Wireless Pacific unleashed the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone. A truly innovative approach that truly delivered a Powerfully Simple™ and cost effective solution to this age-old mobile radio problem. With over ten thousand X10DRs in service the once novel concept is now globally accepted as mainstream mission critical solution. We have since enhanced the world’s best out of vehicle communication solution, to now be even better. Today, our 2nd generation X10DR Elite & Pro models talk up to an unequaled 500/700 meters out of the vehicle.

X10DR Vehicular Repeater

A Complete Mission Critical Solution…

Critical Moments Matter…

The vehicle mounted mobile radio is often the first responders’ chief communication link to central command and other radio units. However, when an officer needs to go back and wait at the vehicle, to provide or receive an update, operations slow down or at worst come to a complete stand still losing critical response time and placing lives at risk. X10DR is revolutionary technology that allows field operatives to stay in constant communication with each other locally on-site or back.

Better Than a Vehicular Repeater

Our X10DR long range wireless speaker microphones can in many situations be a better and smarter choice. Vehicular repeaters that were often large, cumbersome and expensive. Most, if not all, vehicular repeaters operate in two frequency simplex mode whereby system tones, such as trunking permit/busy tones from the network or the attached host mobile radio are lost. This causes operator confusion, not knowing whether messages have been sent or partially sent.  Notably, a typical three AES encrypted X10DR handset setup costs less than USD2000. While just one P25 AES portable radio would cost a lot more than that! Long before you have  even priced in the cost of the digital vehicular repeater! Click here for more comparative info.

Team Talk, On or Off, The Network

Wireless Pacific’s X10DR secure wireless microphones can be teamed up to provide six or more user operation from a single mobile radio. A junction box interface passes both transmit and receive audio to each X10DR. This ensures each user hears both active parts of the communications sent over the host two way radio channel. Pressing the secure microphone’s Talkaround button allows off-network local voice communications. A solution that always ensures all mobile radio traffic can be heard by every user.

Duress Alarm

X10DR secure wireless microphones naturally provide a duress button that can be used to activate the emergency mode within the host mobile radio. Field personnel can now call for assistance in an emergency, even while hundreds of meters from their vehicle. All Elite multi gateway installations can share the Emergency alert so those colleagues closest to you can render immediate assistance.

Headset Audio Port

X10DR Elite & Pro models include a Hirose® audio port on the base of each secure microphone. This allows use of a wide variety of specialist and everyday headsets and audio accessories. Additionally, a mono 3.5mm headphone jack provides a simple, easy and effective way to maintain quiet secured private communications. (See X10DR accessory brochure for more details).

Find Me™ Audible User Locator

In the event of a lost secure microphone or perhaps to find a user who may have been rendered unconscious, the new Find Me™ feature can be triggered by momentarily double pressing the front panel button on the gateway charging cradle in order to sound an alarm tone from the paired secure microphone to aid in quickly locating the user or device.

Mobile Compatibility

X10DR works with almost every type of mobile wireless communications  devices. These include mobile radios, control stations, base stations, control consoles, satellite stations and other communication devices. X10DR supports all radio manufacturers: Motorola, Harris, Kenwood, Icom, Tait, Hytera, BK Technologies, Sepura, Simoco,  Vertex, EFJ, etc

Long Battery Life

A 1450mAH internal battery means you will typically achieve well in excess of 24 hours operation between recharges. Docking the microphone into its cradle allows 100% recharge from completely flat in less than 4 hours. Or for a quick top up, pop it in during a rest break. For situations where charging in the vehicle is not desired, a single and six way desktop charger are also available.

Powerfully Simple™

Our users find X10DR Wireless Microphones are far more intuitive and operate seamlessly. Many regard X10DR systems as more cost-effective and simply far less complicated to use than most analog and digital vehicular repeaters. X10DR compares well with  other types of enhanced digital vehicular repeater in the market today. (e.g.: VRS7000, P25 DVRS, SVR-250, SVR-200, SVR-P250, SVR-P255, SVR-D300, SVR-N300, SVR-252, VXR1000 vehicle repeaters)

First to Market

In 2012 Wireless Pacific invented the first long range wireless remote speaker microphone. The X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone was created with a clear intention  to provide a real, practical and cost effective out of vehicle communications solution to an age old problem. Since then others (e.g. Motorola’s RLN6562, RLN6544 and RLN6551) have since entered the long range wireless remote speaker microphone market. Our customers tell us that our X10DR Elite and Pro series excel in every important operational aspect, especially the most important – out of vehicle coverage!

SVR Vehicle repeater
X10DR DVRS Digital Vehicular Repeater

Model Comparison

X10Dr Elite Image
X10DR Pro Image
X10DR Lite image


Specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of mission critical users, the ruggedized X10DR Elite models feature 128Bit AES encryption. This provides the highest levels of voice security. X10DR encryption keys are unique with each Gateway configuration and change constantly making them far more tactically secure than any traditional 256Bit radio solution. A typical P25 may for example change keys at best on monthly basis, if not sadly, yearly, if ever. When coupled with their relative short range, random location and the unique coding of every device, dynamic key change AES encryption provides the highest protection against the most sophisticated adversaries. 

Up To 700 Meters

X10DR Elite provides up 700 meters (2400ft) coverage from the vehicle when configured with the XRTG roof top gateway. The standard Gateway configuration provides up to 500 meters (1600ft) line of sight when installed with the supplied multipolarity antenna mounted un-obstructed on a vehicle’s roof. X10DR Elite can clearly claim to be standard for long range wireless speaker microphones and the premium alternative to digital vehicular repeaters. Knowing there are times when officers and first responders may need to wade into deep waters to save lives or property, the Elite handset has also been engineered to provide IP67 waterproof compliance.

Handsfree Full Duplex

Elite models are now also available with full duplex handsfree operation. This allows users to keep both hands on the job while communicating with each other locally on-site be simply double pressing the Talkaround button. Naturally, all communications from the host mobile radio are always heard and users can talk back immediately by pressing the X10DR handset’s PTT button.

Elite models uniquely also provides a capability for multi handset setup where up to 3 secure handsets can operate simultaneously with a single gateway for a lower cost setup. This dual/triple connectivity capability means that the cost of a second gateway as well as the antenna, junction box and interface cables are not incurred. A similar design mobile charger is available for the additional handsets in these situations.

Dual Radio Access

To provide remote users with network access flexibility when deployed in remote locations, the X10DR Elite models can be connected to special function boxes to allow dual radio access/control operation.

Elite gateways provide a high powered 8 watt audio output capability which can be used to provide an ‘in-car monitor’ function or alternatively, can be used as a public address system. Control buttons on the base of the gateway provide independent volume settings.


The X10DR Pro model is the latest incarnation of Wireless Pacific’s original patented and well proven ‘out of vehicle’ X10DR communications solution. Providing all existing first generation X10DR established ‘out of vehicle’ capabilities but with now with up to 500 meters coverage. alongside the Elite model, X10DR Pro can clearly claim to set  the “standard” for long range wireless speaker microphones and the cost effective premium alternative to digital vehicular repeaters.

Multi Gateway Capability

Multiple 2nd generation X10DR devices can now be connected to a common mobile radio via a low cost junction box allowing users to choose to either talk over the radio channel or alternatively, just talk locally “off-net” to other X10DR users sharing the same mobile radio.

All voice communications plus system alert tones from the mobile radio and other connected X10DR users are audible at all times ensuring users are totally connected. Like the Elite model, X10DR Pro has Find Me™ allowing a lost handset or more importantly, will assist. a colleague to be audibly located should they fall unconscious in the course of their duties.


The X10DR Lite model is the most simple, low cost, yet safe way for your workforce to maintain group based, two way communication, ensuring your team’s effectiveness, whether your staff are working, in or out of their vehicle. X10DR Lite, ensures you maintain your occupational safety & health (OS&H) compliance by allowing your staff to stay connected to their mobile radio for up to 300 meters line of sight, when working away from their vehicle.

300 Meters

Your staff are only a single button press away from calling for assistance over their mobile two way radio. X10DR Lite delivers the same out of vehicle communications performance reliability as its X10DR Pro/Elite model variants, in a slimmed down package which does not have the advanced systems features (& associated additional cost) that is demanded by first responders using the X10DR Elite model. 

X10DR Lite was designed specifically for every other mobile two way radio user that seeks the same liberating and proven, long distance wireless microphone communication out of their vehicle found in every X10DR released since its very first, patented, conception