Elite Plus “Team Worker” 

Unleashing the power of your mobile radio like never before!

NEW V4 Version: Now with “Talk from the Shoulder”Enhanced Microphone audio quality and sensitivity and optional fast response Talk Permit/Channel Grant Trunk mode support.

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Elite Plus models allow two handsets to operate from a single gateway creating an exclusive, secure, and private, local talkaround channel to allow your team to communicate license-free on-site while still maintaining instant access to the host mobile radio network.

Best of all they are now fully equipped to provide full-duplex handsfree operation on site.

Think of the workflow improvements handsfree can provide your work teams onsite. No, we cannot provide handsfree over the one/two-frequency simplex channel mobile radio channel but we can offer the next best thing.

X10DR Elite Plus secure wireless microphones can be mated with our XWPB wireless PTT button to allow “handsfree like”  transmissions over your radio channel.

Elite Plus X10DR

Command/Auto Relay Mode

The X10DR Elite Plus now features the unique ability for a handset user to activate relay mode whereby a partner’s handset that has lost direct connection with the vehicle gateway will then have their communications seamlessly relayed via their partner’s relay activated handset.

Designed for in-to-building range enhancement, it would be typically deployed when entering buildings whose physical construction prevents an X10DR handset from communicating back to their vehicle. The Relay handset user would remain in a location that remains connected to the vehicle while their partners enter deeper into the building to perform their duties. In some situations, a third “Relay activated” handset can be left at that location allowing both officers to move around the building.

As an added bonus should the Relay activated handset lose connection with the vehicle, it can continue to communicate with handsets linked to it. (See the X10DR Elite Plus Application Notes for a full description of capabilities.)

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview Coverage

Wireless PTT Button  


X10DR Elite Plus secure wireless microphones can now be mated with our XWPB wireless PTT button to allow “handsfree like” transmissions over your radio channel. This small finger device attaches by a small adjustable Velcro strap and is especially ideal for use with headsets and other audio accessories and those situations when your hands are otherwise full.

It’s a perfect addition for those using headsets or those who need to use both hands while transmitting over the host radio. The ring finger wireless PTT button emulates pressing the handset’s side PTT button. Short press to wake up the button from deep sleep or fast triple press to manually turn it off at the end of a shift to extend battery life. Depending on the duty cycle, it will typically provide ~ 2-3 months operation from its replaceable low-cost CR2032 battery. Two beeps will sound from the handset every 5 mins when replacement is needed.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview XWPB

Mandown Biometric Monitor  


The X10DR Elite Plus handset can be fitted with the XMD mandown monitor that constantly monitors the activity of the user whenever they leave their vehicle.

Should the user become immobilized for any reason for longer than two minutes, the integrated device will first alert the user with a 30-second countdown alert sequence before triggering the radios emergency alarm.

For convenience, the movement detector can be temporarily paused by the user when necessary.

Live Mic can also be activated as part of the standard Advanced Emergency protocol so others sharing the radio channel/ talkgroup can monitor the immobile user’s situation.


X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters DVRS

Elite Plus Benefits

Complete Mission Critical Solution

Capabilities include:
    • Plus much more
    • *700 meters with XRTG Plus rooftop gateway
X10DR Elite Plus Digital vehicular repeater system (DVRS)


Complete Mission Critical Solution

At times all of us can use an extra hand especially when the lives of others are entrusted to us and when people’s lives are in peril.

Elite Plus’s full-duplex handsfree operation enables two paramedics fighting to save peoples lives at a horror auto accident are now free to use both hands to apply pressure to bleeding arteries or do whatever else that needs to be done while simultaneously communicating constantly with their partners over the fully AES128 secure exclusive onsite local communications virtual channel.

Need your hands free when talking back to the dispatcher? Our XWPB Wireless “finger” PTT button provides an “almost handsfree” way to keep totally focused on the task at hand.

X10DR Paramedics


Complete Mission Critical Solution


Utilizing Elite Plus’s unique full-duplex handsfree capability, a fire department crew of five arriving on-scene can immediately start securing the area; rolling out and connecting hoses, starting pumps, manning the hoses, and fighting the fire, while constantly communicating to their fellow crew, all totally handsfree – even in the noisiest of environments including manning the pump!

Elite Plus provides a true on-ground communication local network that adapts as your tasks do. Need to call for support over the network or respond to the dispatcher, then simply press the PTT and talk or use a wireless PTT button velcroed on top of the fingers of your gloves for near handsfree transmissions over the host mobile radio.

X10DR Elite Plus


Complete Mission Critical Solution


With local full-duplex handsfree, two Police officers responding to a crime scene will in real time be able to communicate every nuance of their surroundings to their partner, totally handsfree, whether scaling a fence, apprehending a suspect, or engaging in return fire. Now that’s backup.

Elite  Plus models feature a smart Hirose® audio port on the base of each secure microphone that allows the use of a wide variety of specialist covert and everyday headsets and audio accessories. When required, programming allows the handset’s battery to be shared with externally connected audio accessories requiring (3.3V) DC power.

X10DR Elite Plus

Motorcycle Connectivity

Complete Mission Critical Solution

X10DR was designed with Motorcycle operation clearly in mind from its first conceptualization. Untethered on the bike, use the handlebar PTT to talk. Off the bike, talk for up to 500* meters (1600’) by simply using the handset PTT. Remove your helmet and use the X10DR handset as a regular Wireless Speaker Mic.

The Elite Plus series can optionally provide a 10 Watt RMS Public Address system by the connection of a suitably mounted horn speaker, making it ideal for directing traffic at a roadside incident or for onlooker crowd control. The new Handsfree Duplex local chat capability means that two riders can now connect to the one gateway and communicate constantly while in an escort formation or similar multi-bike activity.

Motorcycle Brochure

*Up to 700 meters with XRTG Plus External Gateway

X10DR Motorcycle

X10DR Motorcycle


Complete Mission Critical Solution


Electrical Utility workers up in a “bucket” will be free to use both hands, significantly enhancing safety while communicating critical information with their groundman or an adjacent crew, whether engaged in regular maintenance or responding in the stormiest tempest.

When work needs to be done inside a local substation and coverage is limited simply enable relay mode and press the ‘search’ button and have all conversations passed by a better positioned, user’s Elite Plus handset.

Up amongst the EHV and need your hands free while talking back to the crew and the main distribution point? Our XWPB Wireless “finger” PTT button provides an “almost handsfree” way to stay safe and keep totally focused on the task at hand.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview Elite Plus

Audio 10W Alternative Gateway

The X10DR Elite Plus model with X10W option provides all the other capabilities of a standard Elite Plus gateway but instead of providing a 180mV low-level signal from the 3.5mm audio jack it delivers a powerful 10 watt RMS audio output into 8 ohms, that can be used with the supplied IP67 water-resistant external speaker or if desired, a horn speaker supplied by others.

The X10W option allows the handset user’s transmissions to be audibly monitored in the vehicle when away from the vehicle or via programming to allow specific public address broadcasts to be made to those nearby. Buttons on the base of the gateway allow the audio volume to be adjusted. The IP67 rated External Speaker connects via a 3.5mm mono socket in the base and includes a half volume level switch on its front panel for convenience.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview Elite Plus

XRTG Plus Rooftop Gateway

Optional alternative gateway:


For applications requiring maximum coverage and/or better into-building penetration the XRTG Plus delivers. It provides over 700 meters line of sight coverage by use of an XMPA multi-polarity antenna which is directly mounted on the weatherproof housing to ensure no signal is lost (a typical 5m coax cable connection loses over 3dB).

The IP67 rated weatherproof device is intended to be mounted externally on the roof area of a vehicle and includes stainless steel bracketing to suit most roof racks. Externally mounted, the ‘sun reflective’, white-colored unit can continue to operate up to 90ºC. A white flat interface rj45 terminated cable plugs into the unit secured and sealed with special installation plates ensuring an IP67 rated waterproof seal.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview firefront

XIVG-EX2 Plus Internal Gateway

Optional alternative gateway:


The XIVG is our smallest  Elite Plus Gateway. Designed to be connected directly to the XCA radio interface adaptor it allows for easy compact integration into vehicles that are already fitted with a mobile radio.

It is ideal for installation in offices, control rooms, warehouses etc, or on a motorcycle in a weather-protected pannier bag or similar where charging of the Elite Plus handset is better served via an ac/dc desktop charger in cases where an Elite Plus model with wireless charging is deployed. The XIVG gateway but does not provide a 3.5mm audio jack for in-car monitor use nor a handset cup for charging or pairing. Touchless pairing is activated by triple-pressing the front function button.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS) Overview