Wireless Pacific have released the incredibly compact, lightweight X10DR® (“Extender”) secure wireless microphone. This visionary patented solution provides users out of vehicle communications with the power and performance of their mobile radio.

The X10DR® cuts the cord and for the first time puts radio system access into the users hand when away from the vehicle, delivering true mobility without system compromise.

The X10DR® allows wireless communication with a fixed or vehicle radio: 150, 300, 500 up to 700 metres and more. Now users can communicate with enhanced clear duplex audio, with the power and range of a mobile radio whilst not being tied to the vehicle. X10DR® allows the user to be truly mobile in every operational environment.

PWC is an authorised X10DR® and Wireless Pacific distributor. PWC are extremely proud to have secured rights to become Australasia’s exclusive X10DR® distributor. We are convinced, the X10DR® secure wireless microphone will revolutionise the way people interact with their mobile radio, forever.

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To learn more about the X10DR®, please contact us or visit the Official X10DR® homepage